Knights Kodiak

Decimated after the Caster Revolution, the Knights Kodiak are few in number. House Shaw's Royal Guard, the Kodiak Order is highly influential in Utilivauxan politics. The four Knights are led by Elyse Rendon Shaw as Knight-Superior, and the elderly Trevor Sife as Knight Commander.


The Kodiak Order was one of the first Knightly Orders created during the Casterland Revolution. Most of the Orders left the new country and returned to Aldland after the war, so new ones needed to be formed. The Knights Caster and Knights Shaw were bolstered, and the tradition of veteran Knights Venerable was carried over, but this was not enough. House Shaw created the Knights Kodiak, named after the great bear of the mountains, and made them the elite forces of House Shaw.


The Kodiak Knights quickly became known for their heavy armour, and were among the first to adopt the practice of donning Battlesuits in combat. The short intervening years, those after the decline of knights on horseback and the rise of gunpowder weapons, the Kodiak Order survived in legend by storming The Clasp during the Shaw Revolution clad in their ancient armour.


 Always on the cutting edge of powered armour technology, a Kodiak Knight is a near-impossible foe to take down.

Knights Kodiak

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